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Cornerstone Strategies offers new solutions for corporate communication with the ever-changing political landscape in Kentucky. We can develop a strategy to meet all of your business needs particularly in the fields of technology, energy, financial institutions, infrastructure and business construction. By combining quality consulting, powerful relationships with the current leaders in Frankfort and the ingenuity to create lasting strategic partnerships, Cornerstone will help your business or organization build a solid foundation for the future.


With an office just minutes away from the Kentucky State Capitol and extensive relationships around the Commonwealth and United States, our team is proud to provide companies, associations, non-profits, and coalitions a strategic partner to accomplish goals.


Government Relations


Our team has decades of governmental experience, and has been building and maintaining relationships with elected officials, business leaders and community activists throughout our careers. Allow us to be your advocate in Frankfort, or in local governments across Kentucky, and you’ll be pleased with the results. 


Public Private Partnerships


Our team has been successful in creating partnerships between government and business to create or expand services to communities. We currently have several Public Private Partnerships underway in Kentucky.  Whether you’re a private business looking to connect with a governmental entity, or you’re a local government looking to attract private business engagement to your project, we can push the project across the finish line. 


Business to Business


Take advantage of the network of organizations and business we work with.  From forging new partnerships to finding business opportunities, we are experienced in facilitating "win-win" solutions. 



Drew Jenkins

Drew serves as a government relations consultant for corporations and entities at the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Office of the Attorney General, and all other City and County Governments. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Drew spent the past decade in various legislative and government liaison roles. Throughout his career he’s put an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with elected officials, business leaders and community activists. Most recently, Drew served as the Legislative Director to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway.

Russ spent over 25 years as chief operating officer in several governmental agencies. He was Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Brereton Jones, Chief of Staff for the Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, Executive Director of the Office of Employment & Training (which houses all of the Federal Unemployment Insurance and Workforce development services for the Commonwealth of Kentucky).

Russ Salsman

Mitchell, Erin (01-02-20) .jpg

Erin Mitchell

Erin graduated from the University of Louisville, earning a B.A. Political Science. Before completing her degree, she launched her career as Advisor to First Lady Glenna Bevin. Since then, she has held positions with the Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood and the Kentucky House of Representatives. Erin is passionate about her work, is committed to excellence, and enjoys connecting with people across the Commonwealth.

Our Team


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